Small twisted stem olive tree in a pot. Buy now for free delivery throughout UK.



A small twisted stem olive tree in a pot. Measures 2 feet 6 inches approx from the bottom of the pot to the top of the tree.

Price includes free delivery throughout UK.

This potted ornamental Olive tree has a delightful twisted corkscrew stem.

The perfect gift for gardeners. Treat yourself to this charming Olive Tree. Decorate your patio.

This Olive Tree will happily live in its pot or container. Feed your Olive Tree a liquid seaweed feed or tomato feed once a month from April to September. Water well during the summer months. We recommend you top dress your olive tree in pot every year with a good multi-purpose compost, we use John Innes No 3.

Growing Olive Trees

Mature Olive trees are hardy to -15C. Olive trees are evergreen, so you can enjoy year long colour and structure in your garden. The trees are wind resistant due to their small leaf span.

Olive trees are best grown in a sunny spot. See our Where to grow your Olive Tree page for advice.

Feed your olive tree tomato feed once a month during the growing season.

Olive trees make wonderful ornamental features. They represent peace, hope and abundance.

See our Growing Olive Trees pages for more information on how to care for these delightful trees.