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Brahea Armata

Brahea Armata commonly known as Mexican blue palm is a large evergreen tree of the palm family.It is widely planted as an ornamental. In the UK it has gained the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit. Beautiful  silver specimen.

Measurements number GT920

Height including pot 1 metre 40cm

Pot measures 35cm by a depth of 40cm

Nut size 25cm. 30 litre pot.

More about Brahea Armata

It is drought tolerant (although occasional deep irrigation is recommended), can handle both partial shade and full sun, and temperatures down to −10 °C (14 °F). It is found under a variety of names, including “Mexican blue palm”, “blue hesper palm”, “big blue hesper palm”, “blue fan palm”, “sweet brahea”, and “palma

A lot is said about how hardy these palms are tolerating temperatures well below freezing and yes this is true but only for short periods and generally in climates where the day temperature rise well above freezing during the day so please take my advice and wrap your precious palm unless you live in a very special micro-climate either urban or coastal, there is a beautiful specimen on the roundabout here in Norwich from the wind  that to my knowledge has never been protected, but you have been warned.

Likely to reach approximately 12 feet (4 metres) in U.K. in the ground. In a pot you are containing its growth so will need repotting every year or so. More blue leaf palms here.

More info here on the Kew Gardens website.