Tall ancient Olive tree-from 01/07/24


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Tall ancient Olive tree Number 214c

Tall ancient Olive tree an incredible specimen with its splendid gnarled trunk and branches. The open crown is the most prized amongst Olive growers as an Olive should have a crown or heart big enough for a swallow to fly through without ruffling its wings. Available from 01/07/24

Please note this wonderful specimen will require specialist equipment for delivery that we can arrange very easily, the cost of transport however will incur an additional fee in addition to the £50 charged at checkout.


To follow. As a guide I am 1 metre 72

For those of you who have holidayed or driven across the Mediterranean a familiar and iconic sight is that of Olive trees in particular gnarled open crown Olive trees. Heavy with fruit and twisted and sculptured by the wind and elements you can see why artists such as Van Gogh were so preoccupied by their beauty and found  them to be an endless source of inspiration. In addition they have been regular stars of prize gardens at Chelsea Flower show notably the gold award winning show garden by James Basson featuring a wonderful gnarled vase shaped Olive Tree like this one.

Olive tree history

In addition, planting an olive tree is a great way to connect with history and tradition. Olives have been cultivated for thousands of years. Planting an olive tree can be a way to honour that history and tradition and to feel a sense of connection to sunnier climbs! Furthermore, Olive trees are drought-tolerant, which is great for regions where water is scarce and a precious resource. They are also capable of growth in poor soil conditions, which makes them versatile and adaptable. Having said that it is particularly important to water well it’s first and second season in the ground.

In conclusion, planting an olive tree has numerous benefits, including being a source of delicious and healthy oil. They also provide shade and beauty and preserve biodiversity. Additionally, it can connect you to history, tradition, and culture. It can also be a great way to make a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice for your garden.