Feeding your Olive Tree

Advice on Feeding your Olive Tree

watering and feeding your olive tree

Feeding your Olive Tree is important, as is a good watering during the summer months.

Feeding your Olive tree will help it to thrive.

Olive Trees will survive in poor soils quite happily but this isn’t to say that this is what they require!

It is good to give your tree a feed such as blood, fish and bonemeal early in the Spring. In spring you can also feed them with fast release fertilisers such a miracle grow. To feed your olive throughout the year we have created an organic slow release Olive Feed to ensure your Olive Tree gets the nutrients it requires year long. A blend of guano, seaweed and epsom salts our olive blend will fertilise and strengthen your Olive Tree year round. High in potassium, phosphate and magnesium it enriches the soil and encourages tree growth. Each pot contains enough feed to feed one olive tree per year. Top dress around the base of the tree once in May and then again in October. Available here.

Although drought hardy Olive trees respond well to a good watering during the summer months, especially if they are grown in a pot.

If the cold weather has led to your tree shedding some of its leaves, then a good water and feed will soon have it replacing them with new leaves.

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