Screening trees

When it comes to screening trees there are lots of op3ons. Ul3mately, it depends on what you’re wan3ng to achieve and the style of screening trees you’re looking for.

Pleached olive trees

Pleached olive trees are perfect for above fence screening, providing stunning colour and interest. And unlike many other screening trees their leaves are year-round, whereas many lose their leaves through winter. They are usually grown in a box-shape on a bamboo frame and spread horizontally so they cover a wide space. What’s more, In late spring to summer pleached olive trees flower. Their blooms are small, four- petaled whi3sh flowers with yellow stamens.

Horn beam

Hornbeam hedging is ideal for enjoying the privacy of a fence with the aesthe3c and environmental benefits of a hedge. They’re gnarled and mighty, and tough as they come. Plus, its year-round leaf cover makes it a winter haven for wildlife. And it’s low maintenance, as the Hornbeam will only need a light trim twice a year. Within a couple of seasons, the result will be a 3ght compact ‘raised hedge’ with solid screening throughout spring and summer. We have some wonderful specimen Horn beam screening trees in espalier form.

Espalier Olive Trees

Espalier Olive trees are a wonderful way to add interest and privacy to your garden. The term espalier refers to the way a tree has been trained to grow horizontally on a wall to showcase it’s fruit. And what better plant to espalier than the graceful olive tree, and the bonus is it looks impressive whilst also being useful. Espaliers are often seen as the high-maintenance hedging of the landscape design world. However, with the right attention they can thrive in any garden – big and small, formal, and informal, grand, and modest. And while olive trees are not known for their speedy growth, once trained they take the top spot for evergreen elegance. Olive trees are well suited to screening as they work in both small and large gardens. Plus, they help to create a boundary without taking up much lateral space in the garden. And like with standard olive trees, the grey-green foliage offers year-round colour and striking Mediterranean charm. They can be used to line pathways, increase the height of a garden wall, or create an overhead privacy screen on a rooftop garden or balcony.

Tall screening trees

Screening trees are perfect for hiding an eyesore, giving privacy from overlooking neighbours or even creating a room within a garden. We have wonderful specimens with multi stems that measure between 4 metres (13 ft) and 6 metres ( just under 20ft) once planted.

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