Mature olive trees (£300 -£600)

Mature olive trees (£300 -£600) Browse our wonderful selection of  hand selected trees. We love our Mature olive trees to have architectural interest. The vase in various forms is a very popular shape throughout the Mediterranean. The shape of the olive tree is loosely referred to as like a vase or wine glass. Ours hail from Valencia in Spain or Tuscany near the historic town of Lucca.
Our gnarled specimens are living works of art, with gnarled trunks and dynamic shape and form. Olive trees are hardy and long-lived. They can live for hundreds of years and are able to withstand extreme weather conditions. This makes them ideal for planting in a variety of climates. Our olive trees are the self-fertile Arbequina and Picual variety from Spain and the Pendolino and Leccino from Italy.

Olive Trees £300-£600
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