Where to grow your Olive Tree

Where to grow your Olive Tree?

Twisted Olive growing in a pot
Twisted Olive growing in a pot

Your Olive Tree will respond best in a sheltered sunny spot, but this does not mean that you will be unable to grow it elsewhere in your garden.When planting your Olive Tree out in the garden ensure the soil is free draining, adding grit is a simple way to ensure good drainage.

The most important thing to remember when planting your Olive Tree is to avoid planting it in a waterlogged position. Cold, wet ground in the winter is the cause of nearly all problems with Olive Trees. When planting in the ground make sure it’s first season in the ground you give it regular soaking to give it a good start.

So choose a free draining spot or simply keep it in a pot!

Soak your potted olive regularly from mid March to late October. Smaller pots will need x3 times a week soaking and larger trees x2 a week. Soak till water oozes out of the bottom of the pot. Note In hot dry weather you may need to water more. 

Olives are very happy in pots as they have small root systems. This will also enable you to move your tree around your garden and if a truly cold winter threatens move it to a sheltered spot.
To keep your Olive in the same pot, the tip is to top dress the soil every spring. We recommend John Innes No. 3 compost to do this.

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