Ancient Olive trees

Ancient Olive trees resemble living works of art with their gnarled twisted trunks. Furthermore they have bushy evergreen canopies providing both year long colour and protection from the sun.Retired from working life as they no longer produce enough fruit to earn their ‘keep’ the Olive can live for thousands of years. These group of unique trees have a sculptural quality, where strong, eye-catching outlines, beautiful textures and combined shades of green dominate.
Ancient Olive trees really are a wonderfully dynamic tree. Not only do they offer beautifully romantic leaves and characterful trunks, but also delicate flowers and rather delicious fruit. There are few trees in the world that can offer so much. Plant a tree for future generations to come.

Ancient olive trees
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Creating an interesting garden with bold statements might feel like a huge challenge. However the right plants can transform your garden. Ancient Olive trees offer interesting, adventurous statements, concentrating on shape.

Feeding your Olive is also important particularly if they are in a pot, keeping the soil top dressed with fresh compost every spring ensures a happy healthy tree.My mantra when maintaining Olives is feed, water and prune. Pruning your Olive twice a year will stop it looking leggy.

Plant a tree for generations to come.