How hardy is an Olive Tree?

How hardy is an Olive Tree? The simple answer to this is “Very Hardy”.

How hardy is an Olive tree? Very Hardy. Olive tree in snow

Mature Olive trees will happily survive with no ill effects whatsoever in temperatures as low as -15 Celsius. Younger Olive trees can survive in Temperatures down to -12 Celsius without the need to cover them with fleece.

The Olive tree is a fruit tree so requires at least two months of cold weather to flower and fruit. Duration of cold weather is something to consider. If the temperatures drop early evening and continue to do so well into late morning the next day for long periods then you may well need to wrap your tree in fleece. Please note, that Olive Trees are evergreen, keeping their leaves year round, however in April May some leaves will turn yellow and drop as new growth emerges. This is quite normal.

Temperatures lower than -12 can cause scarring to the bark but this will heal and contributes to the gnarly effect that we all know and love.

For the gardening enthusiast, it is possible to have olive trees almost anywhere. London’s Kew Botanical Garden has an olive tree that still yields fruit. Given the right conditions an Olive tree will produce fruit even in England.

The most important thing is to make sure the ground around your Olive isn’t too wet in the winter. Also if keeping in a pot, water well in the growing months March till late October.

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