Cloud olive trees

Cloud olive trees create instant shape and form in your garden. Inspired by Niwaki pruning the cloud olive tree is like living art in the garden. With cloud olive trees it is often about the ‘space’ between the branches.The art of cloud pruning originated in Japan as a method of training trees and shrubs into shapes resembling clouds. Bonsai trees are much smaller, whereas Niwaki are bigger and can easily be planted in the ground. As an evergreen the Olive tree provides year long colour even in winter when most of our gardens are lacklustre. Cloud olives are growing in popularity and we have a huge selection for your delight and delectation.


Cloud trees
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Cloud Olive trees are hardy and evergreen providing year long interest in your garden design. The cloud tree is Inspired by Japanese Niwaki trees which is a style of pruning that dates  back as early as the 1200’s in Japan.Although cloud pruning is associated with Japanese style gardens, cloud pruned specimens can be a wonderful feature in any garden.