Pests and diseases

Olive trees don't suffer many pests and diseases

A healthy small Olive Tree. Olive trees don’t suffer many pests and diseases.

Olives Trees are usually trouble free even in our cooler climate, the only problem that normally occurs is Peacock Spot.

Although not fatal to the tree it will result in an increase in leaf drop and reduced vitality. The disease is carried in rain and is easily recognisable by small dark spots with a pale ring around them on the leaves. The good news is the disease is easily treated indeed avoided by spraying your tree with a Copper mixture in November and again in February.Vitax produce one that you can buy online. Here in Norwich, we buys ours from Thorns DIY.

We’ve noticed that 2016 has seen a larger quantity of woolly aphid; due to the very wet spring we had here in the U.K.

Woolly aphid looks like cotton wool on trees and the problem can easily be remedied with a combination of washing up liquid mixed with water and sprayed over the Olive Tree. You can also use a product called ‘Provado’ by Bayer Garden.

Enjoy your Olive Tree – they can easily live up to 1000 years so you’re planting it for generations to come.

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