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Ancient Olive Trees – the perfect tree for UK gardens

There’s a tree that stands out above any other variety for its timeless appeal – the ancient olive tree. While olive trees are usually found in the Mediterranean, these hardy evergreens have found a second home in the UK. Tucked away in gardens across the country, these ancient olive trees serve as living testaments to the enduring beauty of nature. Walking through a garden adorned with ancient olive trees feels like stepping back in time. Their gnarled trunks, weathered by centuries of wind and rain, tell stories of resilience and perseverance. Each twist and turn in their bark is a reminder of the passage of time, of the generations that have come and gone.

Resilient and hardy 

Despite their age, these beautiful trees continue to bear fruit even in the UK’s cooler climate. But it’s not just their fruit that makes ancient olive trees a prized addition to UK gardens. Their silvery-green foliage adds a touch of Mediterranean charm to any landscape. It lends a sense of tranquillity and serenity to the surroundings. What’s truly remarkable about these ancient trees is their ability to thrive in diverse environments, adapting to their surroundings with grace and elegance.

 ancient olive tree

Where can you plant your ancient olive tree?

In UK gardens, carefully select a fertile, sunny spot for an ancient olive tree. Thriving in mild winters, it particularly favours sheltered, sunny locations. Regular pruning and attentive watering are crucial for its health. With proper care, this majestic tree adds unmistakable Mediterranean charm, seamlessly becoming a cherished centrepiece in your garden. Its silvery foliage, gnarled trunk, and delicate blossoms offer year-round beauty, while its fruits provide culinary delights, further enhancing the allure of your outdoor space.

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