Arbequina Olive tree.


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Arbequina Olive tree- Buyer collects, you will need a trailer or truck. We will of course help with loading.

We need to make space for the new season and our spring deliveries so we are reluctantly clearing some trees at virtually cost price.

Local delivery can be arranged with delivery charged at £50.Delivered to front of property only. Local is within a 20 mile radius of Norwich.

They say big is beautiful but there is a lot to be said for small trees. Planted in borders small trees provide height without dominating or overpowering under planting. Landscapers and garden designers often plant specimens in groups of threes, so small trees work well planted in a group with taller trees.

The self-fertile Olive tree

The Arbequina is a self fertile Olive tree that produces a small nutty olive. The hardiest variety and most suited to the U.K.

 Although trees are incredibly flexible allowing them to bend and bow in high winds, it’s definitely advantageous to plant smaller trees in exposed aspects. If there’s an unusually strong hurricane force wind -the kind that happens every five to ten years in the U.K there is potential that the strong gusts will batter and topple larger  trees. However small trees are saved by their height from the onslaught of high winds.

The Arbequina Olive tree is a slow growing tree and it is unusual for most cultivars of Olive Tree to grow taller than 15 foot. Olive leaves are small and leathery so their leaves are resistant to windy weather again making them an ideal choice for exposed aspects in your garden. 

Planted out in your garden the canopy of the Arbequina Olive tree will grow up to 30cm or a foot a year but the trunk itself is slow growing. Small trees such as the Olive are ideal for small gardens as they do not impose or encroach. Many of our customers choose the Olive Tree for their patio to be kept in pots. Keeping an Olive tree in a pot contains the trees growth, so again will not take up too much room in your outdoor space. 

I believe every garden deserves a tree be it large or small. A well placed tree can reduce noise by as much as 40% and provides habitat for birds and other animals. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and harmful gasses cleaning the very air that we breathe. Now is an excellent time to plant a tree as the soil is still warm and cool air stimulates root growth to help your tree  get established before the winter freeze.

Please browse our website for a selection of small trees that will delight and add year long interest to your garden.  All our Olive Trees are regulated by Defra and meet the latest plant regulations.

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