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Butia Capitata Number (2)


Height including pot 2 metres 90cm

240 litre pot size

Pot 70cm by 60cm

Nut 60cm

Height approximately 2 metres 30cm  once planted

The Butia Capitata or Pindo Palm Tree

One of the hardiest feather palms, tolerating temperatures down to -10 or below. Curving, silvery-blue pinnate leaves gives it a stunning, graceful look. It’s stout single trunk has prominent leave scars.
Commonly known also as the jelly palm taking it’s name from the fleshy fruit which are used to make jellies, jam and wine. Prefering a sheltered position it also is perfect for container growing as their roots adapt really well to being contained in a pot.

As for cultivation Butia  likes fertile but free draining soils planted in a sunny or slightly shaded spot. Best for gardens in milder parts of the country and suitable for coastal gardens if given shelter from very windy spots. We’ve grown Jelly Palms for many years in large containers where they have grown well suffering the occasional neglect and freezing winters with ease. So in essence a tough palm for milder spots producing large greyish leaves creating a very exotic appearance. Responds well to regular feeding but hates cold waterlogged soils. If you really need a jelly palm and are concerned about overwintering it is possible to give winter protection by wrapping in fleece or hessian during cold spells and if you grow in a container please protect the roots from freezing too by wrapping/insulating the pot.

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