Chelsea Olive tree


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Chelsea Olive tree

Chelsea Olive tree number IM914. Why Chelsea Olive Tree you ask? Because Olive trees are so very popular and adorn the beautiful trees of Chelsea.

We work closely with DEFRA to ensure our Olive trees meet all the new plant health regulations introduced in March 2021.  Delivered by our specialist courier, to your door  never roadside. Arbequina Variety.


1 metre 80cm approximately including pot.
Pot measures 55cm diameter by 45cm depth.
Arbequina Variety.

Chelsea Olive tree

This tree will make an excellent feature in your Garden Design, a charming addition to your terrace. Why Chelsea Olive Tree you ask? Because these delightful specimens adorn the gardens of Londons most sought after area.

Caring for Olive Trees is easy. Feed your Olive Trees tomato feed or liquid seaweed twice a month from May to October to ensure your Olive Tree grows well.

Prune your Olive Tree after the last of the frosts to maintain your Olive Tree. A light prune for an open wispy crown and a tight prune for more dense growth.

An Olive Tree can live in its container or pot for many years as it has a small root system. Ensure the quality of the soil is good when growing an Olive Tree in a container. We recommend a John Innes No3. Top dress your Olive Tree every year if you are keeping your Olive in a pot.

Growing Olive Trees

Growing an Olive Tree in the UK is easy and we have selected the cultivars most suitable for the UK climate.

Mature Olive trees are hardy to -15C. Olive trees are evergreen, with a silvery green foliage, so you can enjoy year long colour and structure in your garden. The trees are wind resistant due to their small leaf span.

Olive trees are best grown in a sunny spot. See our Where to grow your Olive Tree page for advice.

Our Olive feed is specially formulated to keep your tree happy and healthy.

Olive trees make wonderful ornamental features. They represent peace, hope and abundance.

Olive Trees also known as ‘The Tree of Life’ or ‘The Tree of Hope’ can live for hundreds of years so can be planted for generations to come.

Plant with a Mediterranean planting scheme such as Lavender, box and convolvulus, rosemary and thyme and create your own Mediterranean garden.

See our Growing Olive Trees pages for more information on how to care for these delightful trees.

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