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Japanese Sago Palm

Japanese Sago Palm (number 824) more about Cycas revoluta, the Japanese Sago Palm


40cm nut

Overall height including pot 1 metre 20cm approximately 

Sago as seen in picture.

Cycas revoluta can be grown in a moist but well-drained soil in bright light with some protection from full sun but it is not frost hardy, so it is better to grow it in a container so it can be moved into a frost-free place in winter. It will be happy in full light with shade from hot sun. It needs moderate humidity and you should water it moderately in the growing season, sparingly at other times.

You don’t need to prune your Cycas but do cut off any dead leaves. No special pruning or training is required. Remove old leaves by cutting not pulling.

Sago Palm for sale – Cycas Revoluta

Cycas can be grown in containers of John Innes No 3 compost, just like our Olive Trees. You can treat it to some Epsom salts if the leaves become pale, and this will enable the plant to absorb nutrients more efficiently, as well as providing magnesium and sulphur.
Cycas grows slowly and needs adequate space as it does not compete well with surrounding plants. Plant in mid-spring to allow time for the palm to establish before winter.

Choose a spot in a sheltered position as few palms tolerate windswept locations. If you do have a very windy aspect then browse our selection of Olive Trees as they are very wind resistant.

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