Large gnarled cloud Olive tree


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Large gnarled cloud Olive tree

Large gnarled cloud Olive tree Number 3538. This beautiful specimen will incur additional delivery charges in addition to the £50 charged at checkout due its size. Speak to Antonia and Paul to discuss on 07766730893.


Height including pot 2 metres 50 cm

Span of tree 2 metres 50 cm

Pot size 90cm diameter by 60cm depth

What are Cloud Olive trees?

The cloud tree is Inspired by Japanese Niwaki trees which is a style of pruning that dates  back as  early as the 1200’s in Japan. The art of cloud pruning originated in Japan as a method of training trees and shrubs into shapes resembling clouds. This highly skilled technique creates beautifully manicured trees that burst with sculptured interest. Although cloud pruning is associated with Japanese style gardens, cloud pruned specimens can be a wonderful feature in any garden.

This creative and bold method of pruning is said to represent the true essence of the tree. The Niwaki pruning method helps to integrate trees into their surroundings creating balance and harmony. The art of Niwaki is not to be confused with Bonsai, which means ‘potted tree’. Bonsai trees are much smaller, whereas Niwaki are bigger and can easily be planted in the ground. The appeal of cloud pruning is a beautifully manicured sculptured tree that doesn’t display any type of symmetry. However, a well-executed Niwaki can be highly asymmetric and beautifully balanced at the same time. So, for this reason it kind of creates its own kind of symmetry.

As an evergreen the Olive tree provides year long colour even in winter when most of our gardens are forlorn. The sculptured form of a cloud tree will create interest and beauty when other gardens are looking lacklustre.

Hugely popular in the Mediterranean Cloud Olive trees are growing in popularity here in the U.K which is why we aim to have at all times a large selection of these wonderful specimens for you to choose from. We supply smaller patio clouds in 40 litre pots to larger awe inspiring specimens- we have them all. Our cloud Olive trees are sourced from our suppliers in Catalonia and Valencia.