Mature Yucca Rostrata


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Mature Yucca Rostrata

Mature Yucca Rostrata no 3607A

 Plant height 1 metre 55cm

Stem height 100 cm

Height inc pot 2 metres and 5cm approximately

Pot size 60cm by 50cm

About yucca

Mature Yucca Rostrata. Yucca are a low maintenance, stylish plant that can easily grow indoors or outside. They’re slow-growing, drought-tolerant and pest-resistant. Keep reading and you’ll be amazed at the endless list of qualities of this fascinating species.

About yucca

Without a doubt this mature Yucca Rostrata is quite special. They are very tough indeed. Hardy to -18. They have a dramatic appearance with bold blue gray leaves and beautiful bell-shaped flowers. With regards to planting, they’re best planted outside in spring and generally flower in the summer months. They can grow up to 33ft outside, making a pretty impressive focal point for any location.

Where do Yucca Rostrata like to live?

Ideally somewhere nice and sunny, either south or west-facing in full sun, or in a border at the back. They are used to dry, arid climates, so the more sun the better! Yucca prefers well-drained soil and requires minimal maintenance once established. And, they have a hardiness rating of H5, making this an incredibly hardy plant for your garden. However, it’s worth noting to shelter during extremely cold weather to protect from frost.

What are Architectural Plants?

Architectural plants are usually defined by having a strong, distinctive shape. Unlike the name suggests these types of plants are architectural not because they belong in buildings. More so because the plants themselves are highly sculptural and have their own strong architecture. They can provide a dramatic and impressive allure to any garden. Most architectural plants are adaptable when it comes to sun or shade, making them the perfect year-round hardy plant for your garden.

Architectural plant garden design

Creating an interesting garden with bold statements might feel like a huge challenge. However the right plants can transform your garden. Architectural plants offer interesting, adventurous statements, concentrating on shape. These group of unique plants have a sculptural quality, where strong, eye-catching outlines, beautiful textures and combined shades of green dominate. When choosing these types of plants, it’s important to consider light, shade, size and drainage. It takes time to consider the best layouts and shapes, so we recommend thinking about the plants you want, and how they will work together. Consider how the sun moves around your garden. Are there areas that are crying out for some excitement?