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Trachycarpus fortunei palm tree free delivery!

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1 metre 40cm including pot.

Trunk height 20/30cm

Pot measures 30cm diameter by 30cm depth.

Trachycarpus fortunei is a species of hardy evergreen palm tree. It’s an exceptionally hardy and tolerant palm tree that also goes by the name the Windmill palm or Chusan palm. Originally from the family Arecaceae, they are native to parts of China, Japan, Myanmar and India. This wonderful palm tree was first introduced in 1843 and has since proven the most popular and reliable for the UK climate. Furthermore, it can easily survive past -10 degrees – great for UK weather. Generally Trachycarpus come as an established potted plant, with a size of approx. 60-70 cm tall and will grow around 5-10 cm a year. 

How to plant a Trachycarpus fortunei palm tree

Palm trees are best planted in the ground in a well drained spot. Generally, they’re not fussy although they don’t appreciate poor drainage. For this reason it is not recommended as a pot plant long term as they don’t like pot culture without regular re pots. Ideally, you need to dig them into the ground with a mix of garden soil and organic garden soil.  Trachycarpus fortunei will require watering regularly during the first year. Surprisingly, a common mistake is to not water them, but they need regular watering until the roots grow into the ground. Another thing to consider when planting is location. Try to avoid exposed locations as the wind can leave them looking a little thread bare! Maintaining the palm is fairly easy – simply cut off the leaves when they turn brown and over time, an upright, woody trunk is formed.

Create an exotic garden 

The Trachycarpus fortunei palms are one of the essential ingredients of an exotic garden. They have deep-green, beautiful fan-shaped leaves that form around the top of trunk giving it an exotic and tropical appearance. One of the most striking things about this palm is the wonderful shadows they produce on your patio or lawn. It’s safe to say this exotic beauty will be a brilliant centrepiece wherever you decide to plant it.

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