Twisted stem olive tree measuring 120 cm approx from bottom of the pot to top of the Tree.
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Twisted Stem Olive Tree for sale. Buy now for free delivery throughout UK.


Product Description

Twisted Stem Olive Tree. Height 1 metre 20 centimetres approx from floor.

Price includes free delivery throughout UK.

These twisted stem olives make a wonderful feature, they brighten up doorways and add a point of interest on the patio. A recent customer bought four to set off his swimming pool! Lovely full heads and strong stems.

Growing an Olive Tree in the U.K is easy and we have selected the cultivars most suitable for the U.K climate.

Will make an excellent feature in your Garden Design. A stunning focal point, Olive Trees grow in climates as cold as -12/-15C.

Caring for an Olive Tree is easy, remember they are a fruit tree so they will need feeding. Feed your Olive Trees tomato feed or liquid seaweed twice a month from May to October to ensure your Olive Tree grows well in the U.K.

Prune your Olive Tree after the last of the frosts to maintain your Olive Tree. Pruning an Olive Tree is easy. A light prune for an open wispy crown and a tight prune for more dense growth.

Olive Trees like a sunny spot although it is not necessary to plant them in a south facing garden or courtyard. Avoid Clay Soil.

Twisted stem Olive Trees can live in their containers or pots for many years as they have a small root system. Ensure the quality of the soil is good when growing an Olive Tree in a container. We recommend a John Innes No3. Top dress your Olive Tree every year if you are keeping your Olive in a pot.