Mature Tuscan Olive Tree


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Mature Tuscan Olive Tree number GT 47

Mature Tuscan Olive Tree from our award winning suppliers in Tuscany. A really charming specimen. Please note due to its height and weight you may, depending on your geographical location be charged an additional delivery charge on top of the £50/£65 charged at checkout.


Height including pot 3 metres 80cm

Pot measures 100cm diameter by 70cm depth

What is a mature Tuscan Olive Tree

A Tuscan Olive tree refers to the shape not the cultivar of olive tree. Tuscan pruned trees is the  practice of pruning a tree into a certain shape. Significantly in this instance an olive tree with a wide open crown or open heart.  Purists in the Olive world say a true Tuscan Olive Tree should have heart big enough for a swallow to fly through without ruffling its wings. However, a Tuscan pruned Olive tree doesn’t have to come from Tuscany. You will find many Tuscan Olive Trees in Spain! Also known as the ‘Vase’ shaped Olive or the ‘Valencia Vase’  due to their vase shape with branches.

In addition to the wonderful image of a dove flying through the heart of the Olive: growers of Olive trees maintain that a wide open crown is ideal for the health of the Olive crop growing on the tree. Air and access to light  resulting in a good healthy yield of fruit and healthy vigorous tree. A tree with light also keeps the tree under control. An unshaped tree will eventually become an uncontrolled mess. 

Light and more light is the overwhelming principle of a Tuscan pruned Olive Tree.

Where to grow your Olive Tree 

Your Olive Tree will respond best in a sheltered sunny spot, but this does not mean that you will be unable to grow it elsewhere in your garden. The most important thing to remember when planting your Olive Tree is to avoid planting it in a waterlogged position. Cold, wet ground in the winter is the cause of nearly all problems with Olive Trees. So choose a free draining spot or simply plant it in a pot! Olives are very happy in pots as they have a very small root system. Top dress annually your potted Olive Tree with John Innes No.3 compost 

How hardy is an Olive Tree? 

The simple answer to this is “very hardy”. Olive Trees will happily survive with no ill effects whatsoever in temperatures as low as -15. Temperatures lower than this can cause scarring to the bark but this will heal and contributes to the gnarly effect that we all know and love.  Once again, the thing to stress is make sure the ground around your Olive isn’t too wet in the winter. 

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