Olea europaea ‘Cipressino’


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Olea europaea ‘Cipressino’

Olea europaea ‘Cipressino’ number GT54. Measures 2 metres 80cm including pot approximately . Pot measures 50cm diameter by 45cm depth. 70 litres

Where to grow your Olea europaea ‘Cipressino’

Your Olive Tree will respond best in a sheltered sunny spot, but this does not mean that you will be unable to grow it elsewhere in your garden. The most important thing to remember when planting your Olive Tree is to avoid planting it in a waterlogged position. Cold, wet ground in the winter is the cause of nearly all problems with Olive Trees. So choose a free draining spot or simply plant it in a pot! Olives are very happy in pots as they have a very small root system. Top dress annually your potted Olive Tree with John Innes No.3 compost 

How hardy is an Olive Tree? 

The simple answer to this is “very hardy”. Olive Trees will happily survive with no ill effects whatsoever in temperatures as low as -15. Temperatures lower than this can cause scarring to the bark but this will heal and contributes to the gnarly effect that we all know and love.  Once again, the thing to stress is make sure the ground around your Olive isn’t too wet in the winter. 

Feeding your Olive Tree 

 We have created an organic slow release Olive Feed to ensure your Olive Tree gets the nutrients it requires.  A blend of guano, seaweed and epsom salts our olive blend will fertilise and strengthen your Olive Tree year round. High in potassium, phosphate and magnesium it enriches the soil and encourages tree growth. Available online. http://www.thenorfolkolivetreecompany.co.uk/product/slow-release-olive-feed-buy-now-free-delivery/  Sprinkle the base of your Olive Tree and surrounding soil with a generous scoop of our Olive feed in early spring and then again mid-summer. If you are keeping your Olive in a pot, water well every other day during the growing season April to October. If the cold weather has led to your tree shedding some of its leaves, then a good soak followed by tomato feed will soon have it replacing them with new leaves. 

Pruning your Olea europaea ‘Cipressino’

Like most evergreen trees Olea europaea ‘Cipressino’ respond very well to pruning, in fact the harder you prune, the more they grow. It is best, however, to prune your Olive after the last of the winter frost and before the first autumn frosts. If you prune back your Olive Tree ‘hard’ it will result in a dense growth or a light ‘formative’ prune will give your Tree a natural shape. 

Pests and diseases

 Olives Trees are usually trouble free even in our cooler climate, a problem that can occur is Peacock spot although not fatal to the tree it will result in an increase in leaf drop and reduced vitality. The disease is carried in rain and is easily recognisable by small dark spots with a pale ring around them on the leaves. The good news is the disease is easily treated indeed avoided by spraying your tree with a copper solution in November and again in February. We use vitax copper mixture available online. Woolly aphid can sometimes occur (looks like cotton wool) this can be sprayed with any bug spray recommended for Woolly aphid. We use Provado, but you can use a non-chemical mixture such as a small dash of washing up liquid mixed with water in a spray bottle.

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