Tuscan Olive Trees

What are Tuscan Olive Trees?

For those of you who have holidayed or driven across the Mediterranean a familiar and iconic sight is that of Olive trees in particular Tuscan Olive trees. Heavy with fruit and twisted and sculptured by the wind and elements you can see why artists such as Van Gogh were so preoccupied by their beauty and found  them to be an endless source of inspiration. In addition they have been regular stars of prize gardens at Chelsea Flower show notably the gold award winning show garden by James Basson featuring a wonderful gnarled vase shaped Tuscan Olive Tree.

Tuscan Olive Trees
Two Tuscan pruned Olives of ours looking great in this Contemporary serving.

 A Tuscan Olive tree refers to the shape not the cultivar of olive tree. Tuscan pruned trees is the  practice of pruning a tree into a certain shape. Significantly in this instance an olive tree with a wide open crown or open heart.  Purists in the Olive world say a true Tuscan Olive Tree should have heart big enough for a swallow to fly through without ruffling its wings. However, a Tuscan pruned Olive tree doesn’t have to come from Tuscany. You will find many Tuscan Olive Trees in Spain! Also known as the ‘Vase’ shaped Olive or the ‘Valencia Vase’  due to their vase shape with branches.

Captured at Park Guell in Barcelona

In addition to the wonderful image of a dove flying through the heart of the Olive: growers of Olive trees maintain that a wide open crown is ideal for the health of the Olive crop growing on the tree. Air and access to light  resulting in a good healthy yield of fruit and healthy vigorous tree. A tree with light also keeps the tree under control. An unshaped tree will eventually become an uncontrolled mess. 

You can see the nice open crown that distinguishes the Tuscan olive tree.

Light and more light is the overwhelming principle of a Tuscan pruned Olive Tree.

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