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Olea europaea ‘Cipressino

In the Mediterranean region, where the sun-kissed landscapes meet blue skies, lies the beautiful Olea europaea ‘Cipressino’. Here, it’s famous for having a stunning appearance and delicious fruits! It completely captures the essence of the Mediterranean, with all its cultural richness packed into one tree.

Rich in history

Originating from Italy, ‘Cipressino’ is slender and columnar, reminiscent of cypress trees, hence its name. Its distinctive form adds sophistication to any landscape, whether it graces a sprawling garden or adorns a humble patio. Beyond its aesthetic allure, ‘Cipressino’ boasts a rich history intertwined with Mediterranean traditions. For centuries, olive trees have been revered as symbols of peace, prosperity, and longevity. In ancient civilizations, they were believed to possess mystical powers, offering protection and abundance to those who nurtured them. Today, these symbolic connotations continue to resonate, making ‘Cipressino’ not just a plant but a cultural emblem.

Resilient and low maintenance  

This olive tree variety is tough and easy to care for, perfect for landscaping fans. It can grow in different soils and climates, from coastal areas to inland spaces. With some care like watering and pruning to keep its graceful shape, it can last for generations. Besides looking good, ‘Cipressino’ also produces tasty fruit. Its versatility makes it a favorite in both decorative gardens and orchards for cooking.

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Sustainable and significant 

In the realm of sustainability and environmental conservation, ‘Cipressino’ plays a crucial role. Like all olive trees, it contributes to soil stabilisation, erosion control, and biodiversity preservation in its native habitat. Furthermore, the cultivation of olives promotes ecosystem health and mitigates the impacts of climate change. The Olea europaea ‘Cipressino’ stands as a testament to the enduring beauty and cultural significance of the olive tree. From its graceful form to its culinary treasures, this cultivar embodies the essence of the Mediterranean landscape. Whether planted for ornamental purposes or olive fruits, ‘Cipressino’ is a timeless gem of the olive family.

Olea europaea ‘Cipressino’
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